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Lesson 1: Carbon, tipping points and our simplest solutions (45mins)

- The psychology of the emergency
 - Key topics like tipping points, net-zero, and feedback loops
 - What system changes and individual actions are most urgently needed to make a difference

Lesson 2: Nature, soil and the future of food (60 mins)

- Are we experiencing the sixth mass extinction? 
 - Could soil be our saviour? 
 - What does this have to do with our diets, and what can we do about it?

Lesson 3: Population, pollution and finding a balance (65 mins)

- Why it's so hard to think globally
 - Where our waste goes
- Air and plastic pollution
- The complexities of our growing population
 - Why protecting nature is the key to preventing future pandemics

Lesson 4: How do we fix this? Making the impossible possible (75 mins)

- How to tell a climate solution from a greenwashing quick-fix 
 - Economics
 - The ways we can all act to avoid catastrophe
 - Our biggest solutions


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